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Best Canvas Photo Prints Companies in 2020

Canvas prints are popular among many different types of people, including everyone from professional photographers to interior designers to normal moms and dads trying to liven up their home.  However they can be a little bit costly if you are getting multiples or very large prints, so knowing which company is the best to go with before you buy can make a big difference.

That’s where we come in! We’ve taken a look at the best canvas print companies in the market today and have come up with this list.  Enjoy!

1. Canvas Pop

Our #1 spot goes to Canvas Pop.  They are one of the most popular canvas shops and for good reason.  They may not have a lot of different features of a Pictorem or Displate, but they get straight to the point, they are all about printing your photos on canvas and getting them to you as soon as possible.

For this reason they remain competitive even though other companies may provide lots of additional services that aren’t precisely canvas photo printing.

One downside I will say is that they don’t have a photo library to choose from.  This is something I find super useful about Pictorem, which has loads of photography and artwork from hundreds of artists.

Speaking of Pictorem! They come in at #2.

2. Pictorem

The difference between these two companies is slight.  In fact, on many levels Pictorem is the better overall company (they take our #1 spot on Metal Prints and Acrylic Prints), but since we are talking specifically about canvas prints, they’ll have to come in at #2 to the hyper focused CanvasPop.

However Pictorem is an absolutely amazing company and offers so many cool features that they will be hard to list in the brief review.

Just some examples of why it’s a great site:

  • Thousands of beautiful photos and digital artwork available for printing on canvas, metal, acrylic, wall murals, you name it!
  • Custom photo options just like CanvasPop has (upload you photos, get them printed asap).
  • Huge sales, up to 40% off at time.
  • Can work at huge scale, just check out their Youtube channel for a glimpse behind the scenes.
  • If you are an artist, you can sell through their site.  Great way to make money off your work!

3. CanvasHQ

Coming in at #3 is CanvasHQ. We’ve worked directly with the kind folks at CanvasHQ and they are really good people and have a really solid product.  Hyperfocused on custom canvas prints, they allow you to upload your photos and get them printed and shipped out asap.

Shipping is quick and painless, and they are always there for you with customer service if you have any questions whatsoever.


Special thanks to Secret Asian Man for their very handy list of the best canvas prints, which we drew a lot of inspiration from in order to narrow our list.  Also special thanks to Fabien at Pictorem who is a great guy and helped us with our questions, even on holiday weekends!