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The 5 Best Cameras for Cinematography and Film Making in 2020


Film Making is perhaps one of the best careers that one can pursue today. The range of cameras on the consumer market to suit such a purpose are immense. While the scope of cameras available is exceptional, not many brands are reliable. As such, we have prepared this list of reliable the best cameras for cinematography for you to consider.

A good camera for cinematography should be compact, durable, spacious, and reliable. Moreover, similar to most product brands, you will benefit by investing in cameras from top-notch consumer brands – such as Sony, Canon, Digic and more. The camera should be able to record high quality content, regardless of the environment. The need for high quality content in the cinema industry is immense, and what better way to convert your passion into a career. We considered all these factors in choosing the best cameras, along with their key features. They include:

Sony a7R III Mirrorless Camera

Sony a7R

Thanks to the evolutionary improvements in image processing and efficiency, the a7R III mirrorless camera is ideal for various purposes. The Sony brand is among some of the leading brands when it comes to producing high quality solutions for cinematogprahy projects. This camera is an excellent example, because it boasts of a host of unique footage functions, to take your projects to the next level. It comes with a high-resolution 42.4-megapixel CMOS image sensor that can deliver exceptional shooting speeds. More, the camera can also provide excellent 4K HDR video quality, which you can use for professional purposes. The a7R III camera will also boot up fast, and has a simple to use system software.

The camera also has a 15 stop dynamic range, and high sensitivity functionalities as well. Users can also enjoy incredibly great detail, all thanks to the 10fps continuous shooting feature. For optimal light, the camera has an R CMOS sensor, with a gapless on ship lens to collect optimal light. The camera will provide enhanced image process, thanks to the unique engine that calibrates processing speeds each time. You can also be sure of recording exceptional clear 4K video for editing and viewing purposes. The camera comes with various other accessories such as a charger, cable protector, shoulder strap, and more.


  • Can shoot high-speed subjects of up to 10fps
  • Also comes with a back illuminated Exmor CMOS sensor
  • Provides faster image processing of up to 1.8x
  • The camera has outstanding image stabilization functions


  • The should strap is not long enough for some users
  • The LCD on this unit should have touch capabilities

Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder

Canon XA11

Regardless of your recording needs, the Canon XA11 Camcorder is the perfect addition to your sound recording regimen. The camera can deliver high performance and quality in a powerful and versatile entertainment package. Featuring a powerful 24.2 megapixel (APS C) CMOS sensor, that can capture high-resolution images and refined pixels. Even more, the inclusion of the advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor delivers exceptional image quality. The camera also has a WIDE DR Gamma and Highlight Priority mode, that helps to ensure a broad range of tones. Canon has also done well to incorporate the camera with a powerful processor, that ensures fast boot up speeds and image processing.

You can also be sure of recorded video that remains stable at all times thanks to the inclusion of the five axis image stabilization system. Also included are the XLR terminals, that will deliver convenient and sophisticated audio recording benefits. Thus, the XA11 is suitable for many applications, thereby opening new cinematography possibilities. The camera also has a remarkable shutter, combined with the ability to record 7.0 fps during continuous shooting. The Intelligent Viewfinder can also display AF points and AF mode, plus several other points of information.


  • Comes with an intelligent viewfinder for ease of use
  • Has a robust shutter that and the ability to record 7.0 fps
  • Equipped with an outstanding 24.2-megapixel lens
  • The camera has a reliable 5-axix image stabilization system


  • The five-axis image stabilization is sometimes ineffective in fast-moving scenes
  • The XLR terminals included are not durable

Panasonic HC-MDH2

Panasonic HC-MDH2

The Panasonic HC-MDH2 AVCHD should mount camcorder is also an excellent recommendation for your cinematography needs. The camera can support Full HD 1080P 50, using AVCHD for high quality sound results. Furthermore, the camera can also shoot 1080i 50 recording and higher compression rates for increased recording times. The camera also boots up fast, and can support a large variety of image formats.

The HC-MDH2 camera can also record SD footage, such that it integrates into an SD or HD workflow. As such, the camera is an excellent option for who want an HD camera that is suitable for cinematography purposes. The camera also provides exceptional image stabilization functions, that let you record content in real-time. More so, the camera also has a durable structure, that can provide various benefits such as waterproofing and more. You can also customize the camera functionality using the high performance LCD screen included for your convenience.


  • Comes with a 32GB high-speed memory card
  • Equipped with a wide-angle lens and has long-life batteries
  • Also has a twin-mic microphone system
  • The LCD screen is bright and simple to use


  • The twin microphone system functions just as a standard microphone
  • Mounting an additional lens onto this unit is not easy

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Pocket Camera

Are you searching for the perfect way to get your cinematography projects? Introducing the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, that looks as stylish as it is powerful. The camera lets you get true digital film images based on its various unique design features. For instance, the Blackmagic Pocket Camera enables you to take advantage of the most incredible range of micro four-thirds lenses. More so, the camera features a sturdy high-resolution display that lets you monitor shooting. The screen also lets you review the recorded files on the SD card.

Featuring a high-resolution camera, this unit makes it easy to focus accurately and enables you to zoom 1:1 size. The camera also has an inbuilt SD card recorder that can capture stunning HQ content. As a reliable camera for cinematography, it’s also compatible with most popular NLE software. Thus, you get a digital camera that is suitable for post-production projects. The camera also has a lightweight and elegant design that fits well into your pocket. Made using magnesium allow for incredible strength, the camera also has a high-resolution LCD for optimal focusing.


  • Features a high resolution 3.5 LCD for monitoring the shooting progress
  • Also comes with an ample-sized SD card
  • Ultra-portable and compact design
  • Compatible with popular NLE software to suit workflows


  • The lens mount is not durable enough for long term use
  • You might also have to invest in additional accessories such as an SD card

Canon XC10

Canon XC10

Canon is an industry leader when it comes to producing video production instruments. This includes the Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder. The camcorder has a compact and lightweight design, that can suit many sound production environments. More so, the all in one ergonomically design camcorder can suit various types of still and video production purposes. The camera is the perfect solution for everyone, including the next generation advanced amateurs to professional videographers.

The camera also appeals to the needs of cross media professionals, because it can capture still images with its 12mp camera. Thanks to the new DIGIC DV5 signal process, you can be sure of exceptional image processing power and speed. Thus, you will receive high image quality performance and innovative new features like the Canon XF-AVC codec that allows for 4K recording. Also, the operability innovations in the camcorder further provide users with creative expression, and the ability to capture superb quality images. The other notable features include inbuilt dual-band Wi-Fi and much more. The cam coder is also hand held or can be used with various types of camera support accessories.


  • Can capture 12 megapixel still images
  • Also comes with an optical image stabilization system
  • Equipped with DIGIC DC5 signal processor
  • Has an all in one and ergonomic design for comfort


  • The LCD screen could be much brighter especially during the day
  • Some users prefer cameras that feature twin-mics


Overall, cinematography is all about producing high quality video and image content that can attract the attention of your audience. Thus, your content is only as good as the equipment and skills you have available for the projects. This is why you might need one of the best cameras for cinematography. These are powerful cameras that let you capture high quality content that will stand-out from the rest, and also send out a good impression to your audience. With these diverse ranges of cameras, you can also expect to own a camera that is both compact and reliable at the same time. Therefore, you have a camera that is suitable for both DIY and professional recording applications.