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Should You Preserve Your Best Photographs on Canvas or Metal?

Prints are an excellent way to preserve the best of your photography efforts as a reminder of your expertise, and can also make great gifts. You can print your photos on canvas or metal to make them.

Prints on canvas use pigment dyes that are UV resistant on poly cotton blend canvas. This canvas has the elasticity of polyester with the breathability of cotton, and makes for a product that is fairly light in weight. Once the required photos is printed on canvas, the canvas must be stretched over frames that have rounded edges, and are then ready to hang.

Dye sublimation is used to print photographs on metal and this is a process that prints the image directly on to an aluminum base that has a white matte finish. The coating formed is hard, has more depth and sharper contrast than what you would find in a traditionally printed photograph, even with ink tank printers or other rich photography catered printers. You can always opt to give it an additional gloss coat, but even without this, a metal print will retain its looks for decades.

Canvas prints are ideal for images that have subtle images and softer colors and can save your low resolution photo. Woven canvas brings out the best detail in small data files and will not have that fuzz on the edges. Metal prints are to be preferred for landscapes, and images, like sunsets, where you want the color to catch your eye. A metal print has high vibrancy, contrast, and very sharp edges for high resolution photos. They are perfect for black and white photos as they enhance the variation in light and dark portions of the photo and where you want the details in your photograph to stand out.

As far as durability goes, metal prints are the clear winners as they are waterproof, scratch resistant, and will clean easily. Just wipe the dist off them at intervals. They will, however, weigh much more than canvas prints will, and this requires greater care when you have to make hanging arrangements for large metal prints. They are also more expensive than canvas prints and this can become prohibitive if you are printing a number of photos.

Canvas prints are more commonly used for all forms of art prints and give a greater versatility in options to display them. The texture on canvas can help to hide small flaws. Metal prints go better with modern decor, and may look out of place in a traditional setting.

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